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fintexx employee development programm: SCD, SimCorp Dimension, IFRS, Fondsbuchhaltung, Basel II, Abgeltungsteuer, financial-software, Risk Management, portfolio-management, swift, var, basel-ii, performance-measurement

Our employee development program ensures that you work on the financial topics which are highly demanded in the financial industry. We believe in hands-on support by a senior consultant that supports and motivates.

Dependent on your professional experience you will start as a consultant or a manager both with the opportunity to become a partner of our company. As we are involved in implementation projects at several asset management companies you will have the possibility to choose within topics, clients and locations.

Our aim is to be the best in what we do to deliver high quality solutions at most effective budgets. No matter whether you are a consultant, manager or partner on each step you will participate in our company success.


As a consultant you will learn to analyse clients' processes, to develop solutions that fit to customer needs and to implement them in different financial services areas. In the first years you will always be accompanied by a senior consultant, a manager or even a partner as all of us are involved in functional project work. You will be part of a team that delivers high quality solutions at most effective prices. By that way you will quickly build up know how, be able to execute topics on your own and become a senior consultant.


You decide whether you will become a domain expert or a project manager. We appreciate both. As a domain manager you will have financial and technical expertise in at least two topics which you can choose yourself dependent on your personal interests. You will support consultants and project managers while you will find your time to enhance your know-how.

As a manager you will be responsible for a subproject and several of our employees. You will lead a team of consultants and be supported by our domain experts. You will have to develop subproject plans and budgets and be responsible for their timely realization.


As a partner of our company you have established a good relationship with our clients and acquire projects and new clients on your own. All partners are still involved in our projects to make sure that our know-how is always updated. We work as project leaders, subproject leaders or domain experts.

Contact us and we be happy to tell you more about that.